School Fees??(2018-2019)

              Section?学部 Grade 年级 Annual Fee (RMB)?


              International Section Tuition Fee



              Nursery 1-2 小小班 - 小班 115,800
              Kindergarten 1-2 中班?- 大班 139,800
              Grade 1-5 一年级至五年级 152,800
              Grade 6-8 六年级至八年级 178,800
              Grade 9-10 九年级至十年级 195,800
              Grade 11-12 十一年级至十二年级 205,800
              Bilingual/Cambridge Section Tuition Fee


              Preschool幼儿园(N1 - K2) 48,800
              Primary (Year 1 - Year 6) 小学 58,800
              Year 7?- 8 初一至初二 91,800
              Year 9?-?10 初三至高一 117,800
              Year 11?- 12 高二至高三 144,800
              Miscellaneous Fees


              Application fees 报名费1 500
              Meal (Day Students)?餐费(走读生) 5,500
              Uniform校服 3,000
              Technology 科技3 2,500
              Miscellaneous Fees (optional)


              Boarding School Dormitory?住宿费2 18,000
              Meal (Boarding?Students)?餐费(住宿生)2 13,000
              School Bus?(NETDA & Chongchuan Districts)


              School Bus?(Other Districts)?校车(其他区) 8,000
              Duke of Edinburgh Award Participation2


              1. One-time, non-refundable 一次性、不可退还。
              2. Only middle-school students and above 限中学生以上
              3. Only applicable to primary school students and above 只适用于小学生以上

              Fee Reduction Policy 优惠政策

              1 一次性缴纳3年学费减免10%

              10% reduction to tuition fee if you pay 3 years of tuition fee at once.


              5% reduction to tuition fee if you pay 2 years of tuition fee at once.

              2 若两个或以上学生来自同一家庭,除数额最高学费外,其余学费一律减免10%

              If two or more students come from the same family, beside the student with the highest fee, all other students enjoy 10% reduction to their tuition fees.

              Note 备注

              1. Students may only enjoy one of the above fee reduction policy. If a candidate is eligible for more than one fee reduction policy, the policy which gives the greatest benefit to the candidate will take precedent.
              2. The school reserves the right to make adjustment to the fees to account for inflation and other
              3. Stationary and additional course materials / books are not included as part of the school fees.
              4. This fee schedule is applicable to students applying after the date: